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Whānau Support

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Whānau support is crucial to Māori excellence! E te whānau, you have an important role in helping your tamaiti throughout this process in order for them to succeed. Before leaving for tertiary studies, you would have raised them with necessary life skills such as cleaning, cooking, asking for help when needed, basic budgeting, and looking after themselves. They are about to take the next step in to their lives as adults, as their whānau you will need to support them in this change from the application process, adapting to their new lifestyle, understanding their work load and ensuring they know you are there to always help. Be there for them while giving them the freedom and independence to discover this new part of their journey!

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A few tips in supporting your tamaiti before they set off to study: 

1. Kōrero, Whakarongo: Kōrero with your child about their options, be engaged and ask them what their interests and passions are. Listen to what they want and who they aspire to be - support them, but let them choose!

2. Rangahau: Do the research with them, look in to different courses, institutions and what they have to offer. Attend open days, encourage arranging hui with career and academic advisors.

3. Whakauru: Finally, during the application process make sure they're on track, have met the requirements, and apply as early as possible. Start the discussion around financing their studies, as well as accommodation. It is important to do this early on. 

4. Mārama: When your child reaches the time to leave the nest of your kāinga, they will have more independence and will need to be proactive as they can't rely on the processes they are familiar with from high school. Aside from lectures and tutorials, they will be required to study independently which will become more stressful further in to a trimester. Be understanding during this time, be understanding of their workload and be there to support them on the sidelines!

5. Āwhina, Akiaki: Akiaki or encourage your tamaiti when they are losing motivation, encourage them to join clubs, programmes and events happening on campus. Help where you can, a simple phone call can make a huge difference!

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