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Study tips

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The key to studying comes down to organisation, time management and environment. Alot of people think studying should be hours upon hours of hard work or pulling "all-nighters" - but this doesn't mean you are studying effectively. Study smarter, not harder. Research suggests that studying for short 30 minute bursts and then taking 10 minute breaks increases and improves your performance!  Everyone studies differently, but have a look at some of the links to improve your study habits!

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Get organised and manage your time, this starts from planning out your weeks, blocking times for study, lectures, tutorials, assessment hand-ins and life. Write daily, weekly and monthly goals that will keep you motivated. Take detailed notes in lectures and always ask questions - use this time wisely and soak up as much as you can. Environment is also important, find a good study area for you, remove distractions to improve focus whether that's your phone, or maybe a friend who isn't on the same waka as you!

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