Money & Budgeting

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Money & Budgeting

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Leaving home will come with a lot of responsibilities, including quite a big one - money. Not only do you have to think about study fees, but there are also living costs, daily expenses, transport, course-related costs - and let's be realistic, money for social outings. Managing your money wisely from the beginning will in the long run avoid adding to your stress pile which you will experience, so let's not make it any bigger ay? So you will need to start thinking about where your money will come from, will you work part-time, rely on studylink or have you received a scholarship. Either way, you will need to budget. When it comes to budgeting, there is no ‘one-size fits all’. Find a budget that works for you. Make sure to check out the financial advice for students provided by tertiary institutions and the useful links below. If you need a bit more help, have a kōrero with the Finance Advisors at your school, uni or polytech - or look even closer to you, ask your whānau! 

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Budgeting tips for students:


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Tools to help with managing money:


Also, don't forget to have a look at our scholarship tips! 


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